About Me


Email: svetlana @ realdandyart.com

Instagram: Realdandy

My name is Svetlana Gravelin, and I am a Russian-born, American-raised comic artist and illustrator from Orlando, Florida. I have been living in the states since I was 14 years old. I've graduated from University of Central Florida in May of 2015 with Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art, with focus in Illustration.

I attend many conventions in Florida to show and sell my comics and other artwork. You can usually find me at Megacon, Metrocon, Anime Festival Orlando, Anime Weekind Atlanta as well as many others.

Please take a few minutes and broswe my site. If you want to interact, just send me an email or comment directly on anything that you like. You can also check out my art over on Instagram or Tumblr, or purchase prints over at my StoreEnvy

Also, if you feel that you would like to commission me, or would like to contact me regarding any possible project, please send an email to svetlana@realdandyart.com and I will reply as soon as I can.

Thanks for taking the time to come to my site!


Artist Statement

Sequential art is my passion, telling a story through artwork is what I enjoy the most. Developing a solid character design, and exploring their personality and interactions with other characters is a lot times the focus of my works. As for my illustrations, while experimenting with color range and composition I focus on intricacy of details but at the same time try not to lose the aesthetics of simplicity. For inspiration - nature, cultural elements, history and fashion are just a few of the things I use to ignite my creativity.